Elite Urns & Memorial Products manufactures cremation urns and has been doing so for nearly two decades. We continue to grow and offer new products including recent additions of lovely brass and resin urn appliques, additional soapstone inserts, glass ornaments and a line of pet urns. We are committed to providing high quality, innovative products and excellent service and quick turnaround times, all of which set us apart from our competitors. Our reputation is built solidly upon providing the very best in customer care.


Elite Urns is committed to providing you with products which leave the least amount of impact upon the environment. We are very aware of the carbon footprint we generate and do our best to leave the softest one possible. We offer a FSCĀ® Certified, Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® bamboo urn which is finished in a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) lacquer. We are actively testing new finishes that are water based for all of our wood urns and refining our manufacturing processes to further achieve this goal.

Our woods are purchased from mills that harvest the timbers in a management program that is over a century old. This type of harvesting ensures that we are not causing irreversible damage to the forests.


Buying from Elite Urns & Memorial Products, a wholly owned Canadian urn manufacturing company, lessens demands on fuel and on non-sustainable forests. Our wood products are produced 100% in Canada using wood from certified only managed forests in Canada and the United States. Thank you for buying Canadian and supporting Canadian workers.