New Praying Hands Plaque
Aug 21, 2017

8" x 10" Piano finished rosewood plaque with Brass Praying hands applique and engraving plate

Finding Favour within the Funeral Community for Cremations
Feb 17, 2017

Despite its ever-growing popularity, cremation still hasn’t exactly found favor within the community of funeral professionals.

New Urn Accessories
Feb 9, 2017

New religious metal urn accessories

Catholics now have a choice of burial or cremation
Dec 14, 2016

Catholics as of November 1, 2016, have a choice of burial (preferred by the church ) or Cremation as long as certain rules are abided by.

Cremated Remains into Dinnerware?
Oct 26, 2016

What are you thoughts about this?

Just Cremate Me When I Die.
Sep 30, 2016

Tides are turning

Scattering Ashes - What you need to know
Sep 2, 2016

My loved one wants their ashes scattered to the four winds. Where can I do this legally in Ontario?

Cremations on the Rise in Canada
Sep 2, 2016

Cremation on the increase in Canada
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The Canadian Funeral Industry is an industry still in a state of flux following new legislation and combating new trends in consumer choices. As a global industry – the bereavement industry is witness to a move towards integrated services. And Canada is no different to many other nations where cremation is on the increase.
Canadians are now demanding different services and the idea of a ‘traditional’ funeral is no longer the preferred choice.

What Urn is the Best Fit for You?
Apr 28, 2016

What type of urn will you choose?

Flying with an Urn
Apr 13, 2016

Air travel with your beloved's remains.