Blog - Just Cremate Me When I Die.

Why cremation? Well cost for one thing. It is so much cheaper than standard burial. No cosmetics, no embalming, no casket to bury your loved one in. If you choose a service right away you can rent a casket for the service.

Some feel cremation isn't respectful as there isn't a service. Not so. There is a still a funeral , or celebration of life as most call it now. Some find it so much easier to have cremations for the family left behind as they can schedule the service weeks or months after the loved one dies when the loss is a little bit easier to bare.

The Tide is turning in other ways too! Instead of keeping Gramma on the mantle you know hear of many wishes to disperse the remains into ceremonial gardens, in approved parks and waterways. People are looking for more green alternatives to chemicals.

We at Elite are also green minded. All our urns are made from real woods and are biodegradable as is our FSC Certified Bamboo. When using a real wood urn you are not harming our Canadian Eco system.